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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

King Woman - Created In The Image Of Suffering

King Woman have fairly rapidly made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting bands in doom right now.This is a band who use a lot of the traditional tropes that have defined the modern polemic and bring them to the umpteenth level. The ethereal and spacey vocals push beyond the bands peers in groups like Windhand and Brume and the quality of the riffs goes far beyond most of the competition. Long story short - King Woman's latest offering, Created In The Image Of Suffering is a devastating statement and one that hints at darker futures to come. 

I think that the spaced out vibes of King Woman have been polished to the perfect degree on this record and the sheer power of the songwriting can't help but to keep you mesmerized.There is something utterly hypnotic about Kristina Esfandiari's vocals, something that you simply can't let go. As opposed to many of their peers though King Woman don't get lost in longwinded droney riffs. Even their songs that err on the longer side of things seem rather direct. Sure the band isn't afraid to dive into a bigger opening or tap into trippier vibes, but there is something strangely reassuring about the ever present crush of the guitars.

Created In The Image Of Suffering is the sort of Subrosa or Jex Thoth inspired stuff that nerds like me can't help but to fall in love with. It's an album that speaks to the power of the movement and a record that drives forward with beautiful tones and cascading waves of sound that wash over you and let you find true relief even within the darkness. At the end of the day, Created In The Image Of Suffering is an album that will embrace you in its constant pulse and carry you off into times long forgot.

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