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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

The Great Old Ones are one of the most beautifully fucked up and incredibly heavy black metal bands of the last decade. There is something gloriously oppressive about their sound, but on the last album or two I definitely felt like the guys were starting to hit a natural limitation, a wall of sorts in their sound. That's where EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy comes in - the ultimate motherfucking statement the band has made - overwhelming and powerful, multilayered and beautifully produced, proof that The Great Old Ones are among the greatest.

EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy impresses the listener from top to bottom, it has a potent wall of sound style production, but knows when to scale it back and focus on melody. Sure there are moments that border on terrifying and The Great Old Ones will never be a 'pretty' sounding band, but there certainly is a lot more time devoted to the beauty of their music on this record than on previous releases. The Great Old Ones seem to have come to a bold new level in their artistic capabilities and remind us again and again that they are one of the best in their genre. The Great Old Ones crunch forward time and time again, reminding us of the devastating power that this music can and always will have.

It's easy to get lost in this record, it's a testament to all the band has been able to craft over the last decade or so. They have the sort of balls out aggression that many think that only the old school black metallers have but they also have a strong understanding of the profound artistry that defines the modern sound of the genre. EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy reminds us time and time again of all the potential in black metal and it's amazing to feel yourself get torn apart by the powerful waves of sound - this might be one of the greatest records to come out all year.

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