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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Au Champ Des Morts - Dans La Joie

Regular readers know that Au Champ Des Morts has been one of my favorite French black metal bands for a good while now, and finally, three years after their inception the guys have been able to put together their first full length. Far more developed and evolved than one might expect from a group whose recording history is encapsulated in a solitary EP in fact. We end up hearing this band come roaring out of the gate, Dans La Joie very quickly establishes the band as perhaps the premier black metal group to come out of the country in years.

Dans La Joie is an absolute masterpiece, multilayered and terrifying, but also very aware of its own inherent drama. This is a record that uses touches of beauty to act as a potent contrast to the crushing unreality represented in the tortured screams and blazing guitars. The melodic content is surprisingly strong and the album proves again and again that traditional black metal ideas can sit nicely along more contemporary notions. By the same token they are able to use ferocious riffs worthy of Immortal alongside beautiful six string chords that resonate with the soul and remind us of the songwriting supremacy of this band.

Au Champ Des Morts is not a black metal band for the common fan, they're pretty damn cerebral and there is a lot you have t pick apart her. At the same time there is a palatable sense of beauty to what they are doing and they certainly don't have the closed off and circumspect sounds of a group like Mizmor. Rather they understand their scene and bring the songwriting to the fore creating songs that you want to get lost in and reminding us time and time again of all that black metal has been able to do in recent years.

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