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Monday, February 13, 2017

Body Void - Ruins

Blurring the lines of doom and hardcore and finding more than just crust. Body Void gives you the whole sandwich of tone. Just from looking at the cover art you’ll already be sucked in. Super pissed off vocals that remind me of Walls of Jericho laid over sludge riffs that bounce back and forth with the Fight Amp style drum rolls. 

The first track “Swan”, has those gritty full of tone drawn out guitar riffs that just make your body bounce. The bass distortion is also quite nice and not overbearing. “Erased”, gives you a better sense of their hardcore stylings. Although they still retain that full on guitar doomage. Doomage is a word. It’s Doom and Damage together. It’s in the Necronomicon somewhere, I swear. Excellent use of feedback. Quick, sharp, painful and over. Yea I’ll take a little high end and double me up on the low end. I feel like I’m making some kind of Body Void pizza. “Monolith”, grips you by the gonads. I feel as if I’m in a board meeting and the lead singer is screaming in my face as I’m almost being choked by my tie to ensure I’m listening intently. Great drawn out snare hits and subtle cymbal attack gives this song the slow dragging feel it needs. “Ruins”, is the ultimate sixteen minute journey with Body Void everyone needs to ride. This track has two short but oh so sweet guitar solos. Only having a few solos on an album gives each solo a lot more meaning with its depth and feel. Feel like unwinding? Throw this track on and take a drive out to the mountains and let your mind unfold into the cosmos. You might be pummeled into the stars but at least it’ll be a wild ride. 

A dismal tide slowly creeping in. One subtle swelling at a time. This is Body Void - Ruins. 

Twitter: @bodyvoid 

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