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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

King Of Asgard - Taudr

Viking metal is in a very interesting place these days. The genre is slowly recovering from the mess that happened due to an oversaturation of band with bad songwriting and is now pushing toward powerful new sounds that reflect ancient times and require a new level of musicality. It means that the genre is perhaps truer t its rots than ever before and certainly more interesting. This is what makes the latest from King Of Asgard, Taudr, so goddamn good. It shows us the true power of the genre, with an inherent sense of musical might that can't help but to seduce the listener.

Taudr is one of those records that really represents a full sonic experience. It's an album that burns forward with powerful Viking choruses padding out massive sounding chords. The clean vocals are reminiscent of groups like Heidevolk, hinting at a much older musical culture behind the band. Meanwhile the melody lines are totally on point, driving the band forward just as much as the riffs do, but also continually reminding us of where King Of Asgard fit into the metal map. There is something endlessly engaging about the driving guitars of a song like Death... And A New Sun especially when counterbalanced with the huge sounding choruses that pump forth.

At the end of the day, Taudr is absolutely entrancing. They are a band who have a certain internal viciousness that is only tempered by their dedication to higher, and far more ancient concepts. As you listen to Taudr you can see the unique landscape of Scandinavia unfolding before your very eyes and you start to fall into the reassuring rhythms and dominating choruses of the band. King Of Asgard are a band who are going to captivate you and remind you once more that Viking metal will never die, but only rise, harder and stronger.

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