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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crystal Fairy - S/T

Crystal Fairy pretty much tops the list of things I didn't expect to ever hear or even anticipate coming out which still manages to be utterly perfect and infinitely listenable. For the uninitiated Crystal Fairy is Dale and Buzz from The Melvins, Teri from Les Butcherettes and Omar from At The Drive In and the Mars Volta. If you can't get behind a superground with those dudes then I feel very sorry for you. The blazing energy of this band and the rock and roll majesty of these songs hints at a bold future for an incredibly exciting project.

See - while there are definitely elements of every band represented in this music, be it in Buzz Osborne's unique guitar tone, Dale Crover's punchy drums, the riveting basslines of Omar Rodrigo-Lopez or the ballsy magic of Teri Gender Bender's voice it's hard to not want to delve ever deeper into what the band has put together here. There is something strangely mesmerizing about what Crystal Fairy have done. It's a record that's aware of its own inherent poppiness but which also delves into weird and darker sides of the genre. It punches forward to be sure but also is unafraid to ease back and let a grin play across its collective face.

There is something strangely monolithic about Crystal Fairy, everything sounds huge, perfectly contrasting the beautiful subtlety of the vocals. You might not be singing along but you certainly will be loving the powerful hooks and crunchy guitars. There is an almost White Stripes-esque power to the songs here encouraging us to keep diving in, falling in love and remembering what made us want to invest ourselves into this kind of music in the first place. Crystal Fairy are the first and the last and I fucking love it.

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