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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Witchapter - Spellcaster

Tool meets Stoner Rock meets Hardcore equals Witchapter. Balls out heavy guitar tone with groove ridden riffs. Let’s ride the minor pentatonic scale to the land of ebb and flow. No overdone guitar effects brings it back to the basics of heavy. Names designed like Witchapter will make your mind ping pong back and forth on how to say it. Witch or Chapter? Witchapter!? Oh yea save time and have more time to be brutal! It’s quite enjoyable to gaze at a simplistic cover art for a bands early release. It’s great to see bands focus on the music rather than the overdone aesthetic aspects of albums and imagery. 

Whoa I just fell off my stool in the pub from the bass during the intro of,”Through Smoke and Sulphur”. Raise your horns, bite the head off a faq’n bat and bang your head so slow rust will start to collect between your joints. Always sweet to hear those pure influences of the almighty Black Sabbath.Well rounded low end on the bass without any distortion creates more harmony and highlights the simplistic, yet effective guitar riffs. Slow rolling stoner doom. Their use of feedback is done in the highest regard to your ear drums. Creating the kind of feedback to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck but not hurt your ears. Feedback is cool but my hearing is way cooler. Thanks Witchapter for being on top of it! Burning Witch would be proud.

Brutal death guttural vocals at times gives their sound another dimension. The drummers snare has the final say on this EP. The drum sounds captured on this album are well rounded and cut through when they need to. All around amazing snare sound. Utterly on point. CRACK!

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