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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars

Ex Deo have always been one of those bands who I would describe as wonderfully dorky. Their latest release The Immortal Wars adds to that legacy. This is a band who have powerful songwriting,  great execution and a corny dedication to historical themes that you can't help but to admire. There is a sense of rock and roll oblivion that the band finds themselves lost in that makes all of their music strangely mesmerizing. Even from the initial stomp of the opening track The Rise Of Hannibal it's clear these guys are something different.

From a purely musical perspective, The Immortal Wars is a great step forward for the band. The compositions feel a lot more layered here and the band has some very powerful and angular riffs driving the entire thing forward. The pomp and circumstance of this record is utterly magical and the historical themes lend the entire thing the dignity it deserves. For those familiar with the story of Hannibal and the Carthagean wars (And perhaps most importantly the Carthage solution) it's clear that Ex Deo are doing the events at hand justice with some very powerful music. There is something utterly mesmerizing about all this band has come to represent.

It's easy to get into the reliable grooves of Ex Deo, this Kataklysm side project often goes far beyond the reach of the parent band. As it stands Ex Deo is a group founded by metal nerds for metal nerds The lyrics are intelligent and powerful and the songwriting is top notch. It speaks to an older time with a very modern melodic death metal attack. If you can't fall in love with the sheer majesty of this band and the transcendent melodeath bliss which they craft their sound around then you might just be a lost cause.

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