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Monday, February 20, 2017

Gridfailure - Hostile Alchemy

In recent months Gridfailure has become one of the top harsh noise projects in the scene. Hostile Alchemy is the projects latest release, a demented and oftentimes transcendent release from a New York state collective that seems to punish the listener even more with every passing second. There is a looming horror to Hostile Alchemy, a sort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre derived sense of the macabre, a bloodthirsty and strangely disturbing take on a genre too many ignore, this is demented shit for a digital age.

What I've always loved about Gridfailure is that despite everything there is something strangely entrancing about the work. When you listen to a Gridfailure record no matter how abrasive the sounds or demented the approach the band always comes through and manages to sweep you away to a twisted otherworld. The demented magic of a track like Scourge Telepathy is guaranteed to send chills up your spine, but it also continually hints at a much darker reality. The deep throated growls layering in on top of everything are just the icing on the cake, the nails across the chalkboard of an already fucked up mindset.

There is something almost antediluvian about Hostile Alchemy. The gradual and crushing motion of these tracks makes it feel like the earth is shifting beneath your feet. There is something uniquely terrifying about the soundworlds found within the deeper that you delve. Hostile Alchemy is an out and out experience. Gridfailure is going to punish you and force you to recalibrate your understanding of music. There is something inherently evil about what's going on here and I can't help but love it. 

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