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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1476 - Our Season Draws Near

The world of post black metal is a weird one and the genre is still so relatively new and fertile that there are a lot of cool new directions to explore. 1476 are the latest to do so with a sound that explores the sound of bands like Agalloch just as much as it hints at more mainstream punk roots. There is something strangely American about what the band has done here, and it seems appropriate that the record this reminds me of the most, Atlas Losing Grip's Currents, also features a lighthouse on the cover.

What keeps me coming back to Our Season Draws Near and what leaves me so straight up fascinated by this bands creation is the purely epic nature of the compositions. The songs are all brilliantly constructed, immaculate in their conception and endlessly layered. The bands ability to shift from pure Agalloch worship to moments that wouldn't feel out of place on a mid 2000's emo record and then back into black metal is stunning. This is a record that in many ways I feel was tailor made for me. There is something incredibly human and very endearing about what's been accomplished here. It's a record that can't help but to keep you in a constant state of thrall.

These days I have so goddamn much to listen to that it's rare that I will go back to a record after spinning it a few times for review. Few records really reach out and touch my heart and as I get older it becomes incresaingly difficult to really want to invest time and energy into new bands. 1476 is one of the few bands that seems to cut through and speak to me. It's an album that reminds us of the burning power that these songs can have and blazes with a sort of energy that can't help but to come straight from the heart.

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