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Friday, February 24, 2017

Hark - Machinations

Their are few bands who show massive career changing development by their second album. Their are few bands who have such a pure understanding of songwriting that you can't help but to love them from the first song - even if their sound is a general mishmash of genres. Such is that case with Hark's Machinations. While the bands debut, Crystalline was certainly a solid release, I can't help but to feel that the dudes have gone above and beyond with what they are bringing to the table on this motherfucker of a record.

What I love about Machinations is how it immediately captures your attention from the get go. The riffs throughout are extremely solid and the bands ability to craft powerful soundworlds with multilayered guitars and top notch vocals leaves you in utter awe of their unholy creation. This is what rock and roll should sound like, innovative, powerful and just a little pissed off. There is a lot going on with Machinations - so much so that at times it feels overwhelming. The production is strong enough though that when it comes down to it the overwhelming moments encourage repeat listens rather than alienating the listener.

When it comes down to it, this is the sort of album that requires a handful of listens to even start understanding. While it generally fits into the stoner rock polemic to refer to it as just that would be inappropriately reductionist. Instead you need to see this record as a sort of step forward in the world of heavy rock and roll. This is an album that balances Motorheads magic with Hawkwinds beauty. It's an album that will let you get lost in it and then it will turn around and crack your skull open with riff on top of motherfucking riff.

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