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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Disperse - Foreword

Disperse is one of those bands that evidence exactly why Season Of Mist is such a goddamn good label. This is a group who borrow at once from Dream Theater and Abba. While they certainly are tied into many classic prog elements Disperse aren't a band who are afraid to experiment. They are a band who know what it takes to develop exciting and powerful prog in the modern era. They are a band who push things to the next level time and time again, reminding us that as corny as it might be prog will never die.

While I don't think this is a concept record thee is a lot dig in to here. The songwriting takes precedence over all things and that's what makes this record so addictive. While many of the bands peers get lost in their own wankery, Disperse provide a different kind of prog. Thy focus on top notch songwriting and developing tracks that can't help but to envelop the listener. Even as this record broke through a sick mental haze today I couldn't help but to be impressed by the burning magic of Foreword. It's an album that demands your full attention and encourages you to come back to jam it time and time again.

When it comes down to it - it's bands like thisone that will carry the torch forward. While there certainly is a market for the more pretentious brand of prog that dominates the metal media so often it's bands like Disperse that I really care about. This is a band who get the burning power of this type of music and who simply create great art. It's so easy to find youself swept up in the potent soundworlds that define this group and which punish us as we navigate these wretched times and hideous measures.

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