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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mary Todd - Bone Stock

Those of you in on the Brooklyn scene know that Mary Todd is one of the hottest items in grind right now. They are one of those wonderfully unique bands who are fully aware of how straight up mathy they are but who also revel in the scum. A group who elevate grindcore to a brave new level, their latest offering, Bone Stock is an absolute monster. The sheer aggression here tempered with songwriting elegance is delicious. The band has proven once again they fit alongside bands like Tiger Flowers and Meek Is Murder.

There is something strangely entrancing about Bone Stock. This is an album that has the unbridled aggression of Napalm Death but balances that out with a rumbling bass guitar and atypical drum beats. The sheer technicality of the music is regularly surprising, but it makes sense in the context of a band who have never been afraid to add flashy moments to straight up auditory destruction. While the band certainly has some of the common recording and songwriting limitations of younger groups there is a lot to really sink your teeth into here. The riffs contain a beautiful raw power with more than a few dirty looks to go around, and that's really all you can want.

Wonderfully ADD and chock to the brim with more than a few gnarly ass riffs there are pretty much no other groups out there doing what Mary Todd do. Sure they have peers but few are wiling to make it as purely weird and bring in so many weird and unexpected elements to the schizophrenic sounds found within. Despite this your average grindcore fan is going to get quite a bit out of Bone Stock. What makes it so impressive is that it is a record that stays intelligent without becoming cerebral, taking in all aspects of the genre and balancing them perfectly.

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