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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reaping Asmodeia - Impuritize

Reaping Asmodeia is one of those death metal bands who seem to tackle the modernspirit of the genre with aplomb. Their latest offering, Impuritize is electrifying, chock to the brim with gnarly solos, devastating technical riffs and a general sense of rock and roll nihilism that can't help but to charm the listener as they delve ever deeper into he sonic firestorm that is this record. When it comes down to it, Reaping Asmodeia is a band who understand the modern death metal polemic and will smash it into your face. 

There is something strangely addictive about the squirrely riffing on a track like Defenestration. In many ways it reminds me of bands like Veil Of Maya, who, back in the day were able to charm hundreds of thousands of fans with a sort of lighthearted technicality. That being said - there isn't a lot about Reaping Asmodeia that is light hearted at all. Impuritize is by and large a minor key record and one that revels in it. That being said, there certainly are moments here that don't feel quite as forward thinking as they could be and the drum tone isn't always on point. While Reaping Asmodeia may be a very good band I'm not sure they are quite yet read for the big time. 

As is though there is a lot to really delve into with Impuritize. The riffs are chunky enough as to encourage multiple listens and the sheer gnarliness of the guitar tone makes it hard to turn the record off after a few spins. There is a sort of manic, almost punk rock madness behind Impuritize that makes it hard to turn your back on what it represents. Reaping Asmodeia consistently hints at greatness and inspires curiosity. This is a record that suggests, to me at least, that this band is on the path for great things. 

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