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Friday, February 3, 2017

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard - Supersonic Rock N Roll

In the tradition of their fellow Australians Mammoth Mammoth we get Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard. Sure the band might not have quite the songwriting prowess of their countrymen but they certainly make for an addictive listen. There is a sort of bloodthirsty rock and roll madness to what the band is doing here that can't help but to mesmerize the listener and leave you in awe of all that they have created with Supersonic Rock N Roll. This is the sort of album that speaks to the traditional ideas of the genre but also hints at so much more.

It's easy to get lost in the palatable sense of groove that has come to define this band. There is a mesmerizing power behind tracks like Dead Smile. Building on the legacy of bands like Clutch, Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard paint sonic landscapes of blasted heaths and wild strip clubs. This is desert rock for the city boy and urban music for the farmer. They ride on dualities, but they like it that way. That being said - the band has a concentrated sound and have found a way to focus down the 60s psych rock elements alongside more contemporary hard rock ideas into something you can really ride on out.

Slamming, potent and occasionally even melodic Supersonic Rock N Roll is a release that builds towards bolder futures whilst laying the groundwork of a band who seem ready to give it all up. They deliver with a snarl and aren't afraid to turn it all off in the name of spacey goodness. They travel across the spectrum and from top to bottom, back to front remind us time and time again that heavy metal and hard rock have no real boundaries. Sure they may conform to traditional ideas now and then, but there is no holding these guys back.

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