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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bereft - Lands

Man - Bereft have had a ton of potential for a very long time. They are a group who have always gone above and beyond, brought a little more to the table than many of their peers and constantly driven the music to bold new futures. Their latest offering Lands is the perfect capstone on all they have created and hits my inbox in the wake of the new Pallbearer, and while that may be an intimidating shadow to be in Bereft pull it off with their unique brand of blackened doom metal raging from first to last.

The balance between the ethereal beauty of the big chords and dreamy vocals of this band as opposed to the crustier black metal moments and skull crushing riffage is delicious. While at times it can feel a bit sectional the band seems to really find their rhythm on Lands. After six years of being a band and a three year wait since Leichenhaus it rapidly becomes clear that Bereft have moved a step beyond with Lands. They have elevated themselves from redundant doom in a crowded scene to a group who have top notch songwriting and brilliant orchestrations that can't help but to charm even the most jaded listener.

There is something totally engrossing about Bereft. The power of their swooping melodies and the lull of their domineering bass is delicious. You get lost in the oceanic rhythms and you allow yourself to truly let go. In a feat worthy of bands like Yob or Pallbearer the guys in Bereft have managed to touch on the deeply emotional and transcendent magic of the genre. They have gone a step beyond with Lands and proven that they have what it takes to be mainstays of a scene that could provide us all absolution.

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  1. Dear Matt Bacon, do you realize that the Bereft (from Wisconsin) who have just released 'Lands' IS NOT THE BEREFT (from Los Angeles) THAT RELEASED 'LEICHENHAUS' 5 years ago. Perhaps a little research is in order?

  2. I felt like some of these sentences were never going to end.