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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pallbearer - Heartless

So this is my album of the year. I know it's early but I also have been listening to these songs in some form or another since at least April of last year when I went well out of my way to watch Pallbearer soundcheck when they played Saint Vitus. These are songs that I have cared deeply about and people I have cared deeply about for a long goddamn time and as a dude who has seen Pallbearer more times than he can count and has listened to their records religiously Heartless comes across as a complete fucking masterpiece.

This is an album that gives you goosebumps from the very first. I think Heartless is the first Pallbearer record to immediately catch me from the first listen, but at the same time I've been listening to this band for half a decade now. So while many of my opinions about Heartless will be biased I do feel like I can give you an unvarnished description of the sound. That is to say: Pallbearer have moved very far ahead here, they have embraced a much more rock sound, and while they remain extremely heavy, proggy and highly melodic they also aren't afraid to hint at post rock elements and even touches of the mainstream.

With this record Pallbearerhave started to finally realize where their prolonged ascent is taking them. This isn't just the best doom metal record of the year, it's the best rock record in general. I know it seems ridiculous to talk about Pallbearer winning a Grammy, but when it comes down to it albums like this seem to suggest that anything is possible. Deeply emotional and twisted in a beautifully sad way it's impossible to separate yourself from Heartless. Pallbearer have been a huge part of my life since I was 16 years old and this release is sonic salvation.

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