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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Brother Firetribe - Sunbound

So, as longtime readers know I love tunes that are unquestionably righteous. Such is the case with the triumphant tracks of my newfound heroes in Brother Firetribe. As much as they may be a corny adult oriented rock band it's impossible to listen to their latest release, Sunbound and not have a big smile plastered from ear to ear. There is something beautifully ridiculous about the joyful noise this band exudes and which drives forth the burning power of rock and roll redemption that Brother Firetribe so gleefully engage in.

I think tht in a world of serious NPR driven black metal and rock that seems stuck in the past it's fun to have a band that just revel in good vibes. They wear their influences on their sleeves but that's okay because their influences rule and Brother Firetribe are, above all else, great songwriters. The deliciously flashy solos and pumping drums give the entire record a sense of forward momentum that you can't help but to revel in. You feel your fist pumping at the sky with every passing power chord and the dancing keys only add to the sense of wonder that makes this entire record so goddamn enjoyable from front to back.

Sunbound is the sort of record that you just want to listen too time and time again. It seems like every time I put it on I'm worn out and think I can't do anything more with my day, then its over the top energy kicks in and by the end of the first track has me singing along and bobbing my head. There is nothing especially rebellious or innovative about Brother Firetribe, but that's not the point. You just need to dive into this record with the hope of having a good time and the knowledge that you are going to get it.

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