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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mothership - High Strangeness

Oooh boy, this one is a doozy. Mothership the Dallas legends in the making and possibly the greatest live rock and roll band in the world are back and with their most impressive release to date. The band has struggled for years in putting their live triumph onto wax and it feels like High Strangeness might finally be the release that does that. An album that captures the imagination and drives the listener forward with powerful hooks and big guitars from start to finish it's hard to separate yourself from all that the guys have invoked on this release.

The beauty of this album is that it rocks and rolls easily. There is a sort of genuine swagger behind songs like Helter Skelter with their bluesy riffing and the bands constant willingness to dive headfirst into psychedelia. The guitar solos remain electric and the riffs tight. The sense of forward motion given by the brothers Juett and their drummer Judge reflects a sort of Texas attitude that is hard to separate yourself from. You get lost in the poetry of a band who literally gave it all up for rock and roll, hard working dudes willing to play out 200 times a year all in the name of a future they deeply believe in.

There is a sublime beauty to High Strangeness, it's not quite the same as the magic that defined their 2016 release, Live Over Freak Valley, but rather one that feels like a logical extension on all that they have done in the five years. It builds on the power of their first two records and shows us a bold future for Mothership. Fuzzy, weird and constantly charming, High Strangeness is going to bring you back for repeate listens and leave you with stars in your eyes. This is a band who can't help but to push it, so you need to get ready to take a trip on the ship.

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  1. I seen these guys at Texas mutiny last year I would say they are a must see! Can't wait to see them 3/28 in Okc at the blue note for a full set! If you haven't seen them you are missing out best guitar to come out of the Dallas Fort Worth area in along time! Must say their dad put them on the right path. Keep rocking guys! Give me the beat boys!