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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dodecahedron - kwintessens

Man - Season Of Mist just keep knocking it out of the park these days. Dodecahedron is one of their latest signings to their infamous Underground Activists sublabel. Their record, kwintessens is wonderfully experimental black metal, tortured and crude but also surprisingly refined and cerebral. kwintessens is a record that reeks of metals tortured past and continues to hint at a darker future. Dodecahedron is the sort of band who you get obsessed with and can't pry yourself away from - simply because they are that damn good.

It's rare in the world of experimental black metal to find something where the songwriting is truly top notch and the work of Dodecahedron is truly in the top percentile. The band has a sense of pure riffage that is hard to separate yourself from and the vocals communicate a certain mean sonic desecration that you can't put words to. There is something gloriously Lovecraftian about what Dodecahedron have done here. The monolothic tones and colossal riffs tower over the listener and force them to fall under the bands demonic spells - this is what true black metal was always meant to be.

In a world where black metal seems to be seeing a new birth Dodecahedron sit proudly at the head of the pack. Their demented melodies and tortured malice can't help but to leave you in awe. Black metal has always been a genre that has captured my imagination and carried me off to foreign lands. kwintessens is an album that very much captures that beauty. It shows us that this music was always meant to be a path to absolution and the frozen worlds of black metals past will give away to its blazing future.

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