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Monday, February 27, 2017

Pain Tank - 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills

You know exactly what you're going to get with a band named Pain Tank - punishing, unforgiving utterly nihilistic grindcore. Their latest offering, 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills, a reference to the number of people killed in all US wars is delicious, nihilistic, stripped down and fully aware of its own bitter and demented majesty. Pain Tank is the sort of gritty Baltimore grindcore record that defines the genre and reminds us time and time again of the burning, and quite frankly terrifying power that this music can have. 

Pain Tank play a wonderfully primitive brand of grindcore, replete with noisy breakdowns, tormented vocals and blasting drums throughout. The primal punch of a track like A Sheep Just Like The Rest is something you can really sink your teeth into. It makes all the more sense when you consider that the band recorded all thirteen tracks in a mere eight hours live in the studio. It gives the music a sort of primitive intensity that many of bands peers could only dream of and pushes you forward in your listening from track to track in a way that reminds us why we all got involved in grindcore in the first place. 

There is something utterly entrancing about 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills. This is a band who unleash pure cosmic hatred upon you, the sort of anarchist despair driven forth by a band who find themselves in an America that clearly just doesn't give a shit. Strangely multilayered and wonderful to sink your teeth into and just suffer with I desperately hope that Pain Tank rapidly rises above the level of being a mere side project and comes into full forth as a band worthy of their undeniable sound.

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