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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ides of Gemini - Women

It's been a hot minute since we last heard from Ides Of Gemini. These California rockers have been through a lot lately, not having toured since 2013 due to a myriad array of health issues that drove their last tour to to oblivion. Toss in a massive lineup revamp and you find yourself staring at a band who have totally evolved in the last few years. This is a huge part of what makes their latest offering so special, Women is an artful spit in the face to the haters and a step into bold new directions from a band who can change it all.

The bands ability to mix in a variety of post-music influences alongside more traditional ideas makes for a record with a lot of space. It's an album that you can really get lost in as it rides on the boundary between Royal Thunder and Subrosa. You get the impression throughout though that Ides Of Gemini realizes this and understand its their ability to be both incredibly heay but also remain surprisingly accessible that makes them such a winner. The soaring vocals of frontwoman Sera Timms fall in nicely with the guitars of J. Bennet. Her move to singing exclusively has been a massive step forward for the band and makes for an album that feels a lot freer, reminding us that even still Ides Of Gemini haven't met their massive potential.

Early on it felt like Ides Of Gemini might have been trying to hard to fit into the scene which they were prescribed. Now they have put out a record that very much fits into the "Female fronted bluesy doom" genre but it doesn't feel at all intentional. Rather they are taking the massive changes they have undergone as an exciting step forward and one which they have been able to use to massively expand their sound and bring their songwriting to the next level. If this is the Ides Of Gemini record we all were hoping for then I can't imagine what they will bring forth next.

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