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Friday, March 31, 2017

Nightbringer - Terra Damnata

Terra Damnata - holy shit Nightbringer have done it again. This is a band who have always made a name for themselves as cutting edge and potent black metal. They have always pushed boundaries and used their seemingly endless compositional and technical prowess to craft some of the finest music the genre has ever seen. Their unique brand of intense and hyper intellectual black metal has never failed to impress and from the first ripping chords you know that Terra Damnata is another step in the legacy.

As much as black metal these days seems to strive to be beautiful I think that Nightbringer confidently spit in the face of that and instead go in from sheer bombast. Hell, the opening moments of As Wolves Amongst The Ruins burns brighter than what many of us even thought possible. The crazed synth provides a sort of benzedrine background to a record that seems dedicated to pushing further, blaspheming harder and inverting more ideals than anything that came before. It makes for an incredibly intense listen and a record that is punishingly dense, requiring the listener to come back and pick it apart time and time again.

It's hard not to love what Nightbringer bring to the table here. It's invigorating and destructive. It makes you sit up straight in your seat and ask questions about the true nature of black metal and it broadens the spectrum of what this music can be. There is a certain perverse uniformity to this, a message of entrancing darkness that makes Terra Damnata one of the year premier black metal releases. Hearkening back to a time when black metal was scary, the bar has been set, perhaps higher than any other band can climb.

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