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Friday, March 24, 2017

Les Discrets - Prédateurs

For a lot of people Les Discrets are a pretty special band. They took what a lot of their predecessors and peers in bands like Alcest and Amesoeurs were doing and brought it to a bold new level. Their music has always been subdued and ethereal, devoted to otherworldly soundscapes and potent song structures, making their latest offering perhaps their best yet. There is a whole lot to sink your teeth into on Prédateurs and it makes for a truly engrossing listen from a band who care more about the intricacy of the music then shoving it down your throat.

What I think I love about Prédateurs is that while many other records in the genre try to overwhelm you with their beauty, Les Discrets have always peacefully gone for something much quieter and more elegant. Rather than dazzle with majestic soundworlds or powerful guitars you find yourself engaging in minimalist melodies, many of which feel sort of improvised. Yet when the subtle layering kicks in you realize that it is anything but. This isn't a record that was meant to dominate the forefront of your mind but rather one that acts as a sort of accent on your lifestyle, opening you eyes to strange sonic highways you never previously new existed.

I could rant about the power of Prédateurs all day, but given the nature of this blog I'm limited to a few words. What I will say is this - Les Discrets have gone above and beyond here. They have created something truly beautiful but also something that isn't trying to shove itself down your throat. Rather it lies back and lets you ease yourself into it. It's rare that you find music that isn't starving for attention these days, but Les Discrets are confident enough in their craft that they sit back and let you come to it - a much more active experience and one I kind of adore.

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