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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mortiis - The Great Corrupter

Mortiis has always been one of my favorite artists, he brings a lot of weird shit to the table and has astounded thousands of people over a career built on innovation and progress. His music is weird, over the top and strangely powerful, it's the sort of thing that you can't quite put into words a lot of the time because there is simply so much to unpack. Given his role as an innovator in the field it is kind of thrilling to listen to an album full of remixes of his last record The Great Deceiver, many of them from some of the coolest acts to come out in the last few years as well as legendary groups in the genre.

With remixes from everyone from Godflesh to Die Krupps it's easy to see why people have fallen in love with this record. It's an exploration on the music of one of the most exploratory artists of all time. Mortiis has never conformed to norms and his willingness to let others expand his sound is exciting to say the least. I love remix albums because it's a really great primer on a wide variety of artists but is simultaneously held together by the thread of the artist being remixed. It makes for an album that opens your eyes and allows you to explore sides of an artist you never even thought about before!

When it comes down to it this album is a lot of fun to listen too. Mortiis has always developed exciting new ideas and powerfully pushed concepts that most fans have a hard time wrapping their heads around. He comes at it though with a totally fresh and innovative attitude. He makes you curious to dive into the weird sonic landscapes he has created and these remixes open up vistas that can't be ignored. Mortiis is a magical man, and this collection of remixes uses one of the strongest pools of talent I have heard on a record of this sort in many a season.

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