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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ghost Horizon - The Erotics Of Disgust

Ghost Horizon is one of those bands that promises to be playing a big role in the future of the post black metal movement. This is a group who have come out of the ashes of their previous bands, namely Psychobliss and Norse to create something full of potential despite several flaws in the execution. That being said, as far as 12 minute EP's go it feels like The Erotics Of Disgust has pretty much nailed it. This is a record you find yourself getting lost in and then eventually loving every single minute of. While the development isn't totally there, this certainly is a release you can sink your teeth into.

For me at least the power of this record comes in the beauty of the composition. The tracks are finely realized and the songwriting is tight. Every moment tries to add to the crushing forward momentum of what's being done here to create an exciting and oftentimes transcendent aural experience. Unfortunately, the record loses a lot of this momentum with certain clean vocal passages that just feel... off. Obviously with this kind of music the clean vocals are the hardest part and while I certainly appreciate Ghost Horizon's take on them I'm having a hard time being truly convinced by what they have to offer and allowing myself to truly fall into their sonic void.

As a general rule The Erotics Of Disgust is a very strong release and it's exciting to see a label like Tridroid investing time and money into them. I get the distinct impression that they will be able to push into something far greater in the coming months and years. With two EP's in as many years I think it's hard to distance yourself from the elegant excellence that has come to define this band. The Erotics Of Disgust resonates on a fundamental level and while it might not quite be the journey you want, the band is clearly gearing up for something magical.

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