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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Seven Kingdoms - Decennium

Florida isn't exactly a place that is known for its power metal, however the state is home to the United States primary bugeoning power metal export, Seven Kingdoms whose new release, Decennium, stands tall as a sonic triumph. These guys tear it up from top to bottom here, and now, a decade into their career it feels like they are starting to reach a point where they can bat on the same level as their European peers. Decennium is one of those records that speaks to the power of the genre and remains strangely endearing through and through. 

As corny as they might seem, Decennium is still the sort of release you can sink your teeth into, a rarity in this sort of power metal. Seven Kingdoms have distilled the magic of female fronted power metal and turned it into consolidated bliss for ten tracks. Seven Kingdoms rock from top to bottom, kicking in teeth and taking you away on the wings of an eagle. There is a sense of fun here that makes Decennium not just addictive but also triumphant. This is a band who have earned the right to swagger, and this album only goes to further their legitimacy in a scene that they have worked hard to dominate.

Seven Kingdoms are the sort of band who can get you singing along from the first track. They are entrancing and potent. They don't really push boundaries but that's because they don't have to. Instead they just embrace the inherent magic of their music and remind us time and time again why so many folks have fallen in love with the genre. I love records that I can categorize as straight up righteous, and as the guitar harmonies kick in and the flashy solos trade off after a glorious chorus it feels like there are no more words. 

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