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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hate - Tremendum

Hate is one of those hyper potent bands that feels like they have been around forever and yet who always manage to find new and exciting ways to push the music forward. These Polish metal masters have been slugging it out across the globe for nearly thirty years now with Adam The First Sinner acting as the guiding force behind the magic. Tremendum is the latest and greatest offering from the band providing a much more dynamic sound and hinting at an exciting future for one of Europes tightest metal exports.

I think what gets me about Tremendum is the extent to which the songwriting has moved forward. The riffs are tight and there is a sense of having a full aural experience here that you don't often get in previous Hate releases. Meanwhile, the production on Tremendum is a serious step up from anything we've heard the guys do before. It's an album that lets you really get invested in the sound and pick apart what's up to offer. Hate have crafted something truly brutal, something that forces you to deal with the bitter realities of the day to day and embrace the utterly nihilistic beauty that black metal foists upon you.

Tremendum is a death metal fans death metal record. Hate crushes your ears from top to bottom, gouging out hearts and forcing you to choke on the magic of their riffs. In a world where death metal gets increasingly masturbatory and over the top Hate deliver stuff in the old school style but with enough of a modern twist that nothing feels rehashed or overworked. Instead Tremendum stands proud as the bands greatest accomplishment, an ear melter that makes you suffer and forces you to revel in the demented glories of old.

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