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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dodsengel - Interequinox

One of the things that I think modern black metal lacks that the old school had in spades was the essentially fucked up nature of the genre, and not only that, but the inherent drama that this music was always meant to have. While I certainly appreciate the more "Trees and shit" direction the genre has gone in recent years it's sometimes a pleasant surprise to stumble across a band like Dodsengel who seem so committed to reinvoking that old school ethos, tossing in touches of Mercyful Fate and Venom alongside more modern black metal influences.

It's rare in black metal today to find a record that has clearly been as worked over and finely put together as Interequinox. It represents a refreshing mix of styles, tossing pummelling assaults net to delicate arpeggios, pounding drums with soaring King Diamond style screams and sometimes even demonic bellows that seem torn from the abyss. Interequinox is a record that allows you to delve into an exciting sound world. It's a record that allows you to discover something deeper within yourself even as you find yourself grappling with the denser moments. Dodsengel have conjured up greater powers than many of us would dare reckon with here and it is most triumphant.

I love black metal that makes sit back, pick apart my thought process and forces me to reanalyze why the genre is so great. It's why I love Debemur Mori - they consistently release shit like this, shit that forces you to ask why a particular record is so goddamn good. Dodsengel have gotten to the heart of black metal, fusing old with new, realizing that we all love a little bit of drama just as much as we love oppressive grooves and soundworlds that sound like hell. Interequinox is a triumph and deserves to be hailed as such.

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