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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lo-Ruhamah - Anointing

I've raved enough about I, Voidhanger in the past, but it's always ice to give them another shoutout and acknowledge the power of what they represent. Lo-Ruhamah, a Missouri based black metal band are a perfect example of all that the label is capable of. Their latest offering, Anointing is exactly that, watching a band move into the upper echelons of the black metal pantheon with powerful tracks and deeply emotional songs. This is a band who push the boundaries of the genre and bring in an artistry many of their peers lack.

Despite this artistry though, Lo-Ruhamah are able to tap into much greater movements. The entire structure of Anointing feels almost classical, and the vibe from songs like Lidless Eye makes you feel that Lo-Ruhamah are trying to create a total sensory experience. The fact that this record has been nearly a decade in the making shines through with some of the more refined pieces and also in the level of evolution between this release and 2007's The Glory Of God. For the first time Lo-Ruhamah gleefully incorporate moments of death metal into their blackened palate making for their most diverse release to date.

There is a certain demented glory to Anointing as Lo-Ruhamah continue their inevitable plunge towards mind melting success. This is a band who have captured the power of the black metal ethos and who force us to confront realities we aren't necessarily super comfortable with. Anointing is a masterwork, an album that captures the imagination and guides you forward, embracing each and every musical twist and turn, forcing your eyes open and allowing you to embrace the absolution for once and for all.

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