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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cloud Rat/Crevasse - Split

Cloud Rat and Crevasse have both made names for themselves in recent years as some of the tightest grindcore bands out there. I mean yeah both subscribe to their own subgenres, but we all know that they both pledge allegiance to Napalm Death. So when they come together in the wonderfully ADD format that is the 7 inch split you know that you're in for a good time. Cloud Rat and Crevasse are bands that embrace the frantic side of the genre, push us forward as fans and remind us why we  got involved in this in the first place.

The first side of the split is business as usual for Cloud Rat, though perhaps a bit more frenetic. It shows us a punker side of Cloud Rat and also a more surprising side of the band. I mean, just listen to their cover of Electric Deads Fish In A Pool, who ever would have expected Cloud Rat to come out swinging with a song that heavily features clean vocals? By the same token, Crevasse's side of things is equally insane. The rallying cry of "I hate you" on their B side opener, Infinite Regress speaks to the inherent madness of the band. At the same time their penchant for noise helps to make this split truly twisted.

Both bands here have found a return to their very base roots. Though the tracks are certainly featured through their unique styles there is a certain sense of punk rock oblivion that they both readily embrace. When it comes down to it we are all here because of 70s bands like Dead Boys and Budgie, so if we can embrace that then we are moving on to something greater. Cloud Rat and Crevasse use this split to represent the best of old and new, moving the entire genre forward but never forgetting why we got here.

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