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Monday, April 17, 2017

Norse - The Divine Light Of A New Sun

Norse is one of those bands who seem to exist in a very special place in the blackened doom spectrum. They aren't quite accessible enough for the mainstream to ever embrace them but they have enoug of the pure and enlightened chaos of the underground to make sure that those of us who seek will fall in love. The reassuring crush of their latest offering, the almighty The Divine Light Of A New Sun is masterful, moving from peak to peak and reminding us why these guys are on top. Far more oppressive than their previous work and removed from any sort of chilled out meditations, this is Norse at their most fucked up.

From even the first track with its demonic bridge full of moans and twisted vocals, The Divine Light Of A New Age shows us that Norse is far more twisted than ever before. I would almost make the argument that with certain tracks Norse has borrowed from heavier and more demented hardcore bands like Xibalba. There is an uneasy sense of groove throughout The Divine Light Of A New Age that gnaws at your consciousness and forces you to face darker moments and twisted realities. It means that as you continue to unfold the blackness you can't help but to fall into a deeper and darker void of nothingness.

The Divine Light Of A New Age is certainly a release that requires multiple spins to properly 'get'. It's an album that revels in its dissonance and shoves a unique brand of black metal down your throat time and time again. Once you fully lose yourself in Norse's music you start to realize that these guys are more than just a black metal band. They are a group who push boundaries every which way and inspire new questions and guide you on new journeys of ill aural repute in the perpetual hunt for meaning.

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