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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Devoidov - Here Lies....

Devoidov is one of those bands who have come to define their scene. Perhaps not in their current incarnation, but the band that this group formed from Pharaoh is fairly foundational in the New Jersey scene, making Here Lies.... a highly anticipated release and one that meets its mark on every level. Devoidov havecreated a record that is far beyond anything that Phraoh could have done, pushing their sound to bold new levels and showing that this is a band who are ready to take on the world... or at least the greater tristate area.

There is a certain grandeur to the music here, counterbalanced with a strangely addictive sense of nihilism. That is to say - Devoidov drench their powerful arrangements in crusty guitar tones. They balance atmospheric power with a sense of filth that can only come from a band who cut their teeth playing a venue called "The Meatlocker". The band pays tribute to their DIY roots without compromising their greater artistic vision and it makes for a release that you can spin time and time again.

Here Lies.... is the sort of record that helps an entire scene come to fruition. It sort of acts as a guiding light, with top notch song structures, riffs borne out of years of jamming and relentless grit coming to together to define what can only be described as an out and out experience. A band who seamlessly blend powerful cleans with harsh screams, arpeggiated chords with sludge metal chugs and atmospheric leads with crust punk punishment Devoidov rapidly find a way into your heart. While there certainly is development to be had of the groups prodigous talents Here Lies.... will certainly tide over many an eager listener.

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