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Thursday, April 27, 2017

White Ward - Futility Report

Sometimes you stumble across a black metal release that straight up blows you the fuck away. Sometimes you stumble across a black metal release so well concieved that you can't help but hope it defines the future of the genre. Sometimes you stumble across a black metal release that perfectly channels both old and new to delve into exciting new soundscapes and build a bolder future for everyone involved in the genre. Such is the case with Futility Report a jazzy black metal record that has no peer. 

See - what you need to understand about White Ward is that they have a motherfucking saxophone. But rather than that saxophone sounding corny or cliched the saxophone fucking works. It's a defining element of a record that tempers traditional black metal sounds with moments of free jazz riffing. There is an undeniable power here, a burning magic behind Futility Report that helps to keep the entire thing careening forward, and then when the band takes the time to sit back and relax it becomes all the more frightening. 

At this point in the review I usually bitch about the modern state of black metal, but what I will say instead is that if White Ward is the future then I don't give a sht about anything else. Thi is black metal the way it was meant tobe concieved, pushing boundaries and constantly reminding us of the inherent power these sounds can and should have over all of us. White Ward have pushed the boundaries of black metal and found a bold new future making for something we can all sink our teeth into.  

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