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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blame God, Crypt Rot and Like Rats at Lucky 13 Saloon

Lucky 13 Saloon is a pretty magical place. It's a spot that seems made for death metal, from its skull encrusted doorway, to the posters that wallpaper the room and the countless knick knacks that make the venue so special. Oh and the go go dancers. That's definitely a plus. The point being, though I missed the first band, Chepang, I had a chance to spend an evening with three of the most wonderfully vicious death metal acts out there making for a show that couldn't help but to be incredibly fun.

Blame God came on representing the hardcore and powerviolence youth crew with an impressive array of fans and a devastating set. While they certainly at times felt a bit derivative of bands like Nails or even Weekend Nachos they put together a respectabe performance. There is a certain manic and destructive youthful energy that defines their sound that helps to make them a potent live act. The sheer anger found within is impressive and kicked off a squad of hardcore dancers. I'm curious to see how these guys develop with increasingly exciting songs and an ever tighter set. You can't help but to hope they represent the future of the genre.

The highlight of the evening for me was Crypt Rot. Coming out in corpse paint reminiscent of Abbath and matching vests the band delivered 35 minutes of unapologetic, utterly destructive, take no prisoners death metal. They are the kind of death metal band who understands that this music still demands a live show and they don't hesitate to give it to you. Playing a set replete with manic solos, fierce chugs and constant headbanging they reflected everything I love about this music. As much as I might feel tired and jaded with the genre, every once in a while a band like Crypt Rot comes along and blows my fucking head off. You gotta love it.

Finally it was time for Relapse Records very own Like Rats, featuring of course Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos fame. Their brand of slamming death metal tour the crowd limb from limb. There brutarian chugs and crushing breakdowns reminded us where we all came from. As much as Like Rats might be a metal band they are unafraid of acknowledging their hardcore roots, making for music that takes you back to VFW halls. Their performance was confident and brash, crunching from start to finish and guiding the crowd in ferocious headbanging as we were pummelled by riff after riff after riff.

And so the night came to a close, another soiree of evil fucking death metal defined by friendships made, battles fought, and in this case, strippers tipped. In a hot and sweaty room as small as the one at Lucky 13 going to a show can sometimes be a sort of challenge, but at the same time I don't think I would have it any other way. Death metal is a unique thing in this world and attracts some pretty unique fans. If you can't get behind a crushing breakdown, a devastating guttural or a wicked solo then this just isn't for you.

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