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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Samsara Blues Experiment - One With The Universe

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My main memory of Samsara Blues Experiment is doing shots with them at noon on a Friday at Hellfest. All those years ago the guys proved to be a stunning live band with a potent vision, a notion only reaffirmed on their latest record, One With The Universe. This is the sort of record that takes primarily instrumental, jam oriented stoner rock and pushes it to a whole new level. Samsara Blues Experiment's unique compositions, swooping vocals and dynamic drums can't help but to stun, and stun they do for this albums nearly fifty minute run time. 

With every record this band puts out the band comes closer to realizing their full and transcendent vision. The inherently meditative nature of their music shines from tip to taint, with luscious sounding tracks that allow you to float across waves of music. Despite the band being only a three piece they are able to have an amazing amount going on in any given song, speaking to their sheer talent. The quality of the production has no true par, every musician is given a chance to shine and nothing seems out of place or wonky. In music as out there as this it can be easy to lapse and mess up the mix, but something about One With The Universe is remarkably consistent. 

These long form tracks are the sorts of musical masterpieces that you can totally lose yourself in. Be it in the potent solos or dominant singing you also find a certain air of authority and confidence that was never touched on in previous compositions from the band. Samsara Blues Experiment have seen their star ascending for years now and One With The Universe is nearlythe completion of that trajectory. This isn't an album that you can digest in a mere one or two listens, but it certainly is one that can follow you throughout life. 

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