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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Earth Electric - Vol.1 Solar

Experimental rock featuring former members of Mayhem and Moonspell? Sign me up! Such is Earth Electric, the latest band to debut on Season Of Mist. Their new offering Vol 1. Solar is an absolute stunner, paying tribute to 80s rock and 70s tropes whilst simultaneously gleefully pushing the boundaries of what rock music can be. There is a strange sense of fun and upbeat majesty to what Earth Electric are doing here. It's a band who refuse to be defined but instead revel in excellent arrangements and strong songwriting.

From the first it's obvious that Earth Electric are on to something unique. This the sort of band who have a clear passion ofr their roots and are not afraid to make all sorts of winks at their influences but who also want to be known for an unfailing love for all that is 'out there'. While it's certainly a trip to wrap your head around some of the compositions here and the sheer excitement behind a track like The Endless Road is indescribable. Vol. 1 Solar is aware that it is rather unlike anything else going on right now and it pads out its rich soundwith all sorts of unexpected musical twists and turns, especially coming from musicians with pedigrees like theirs. 

The main appeal to me of Earth Electric is that unlike many of their peers in the experimental rock community the band never tries to be alienating or meandering. Every song has a sense of forward motion and all of the tracks are of a reasonable length, only two even stray over the five minute mark. This is about expanding what rock can be without trying to destroy the pallet and create a new one. Rather it is building new and exciting sounds within an existing framework to blow minds and change lives. 

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  1. Rune Erickson on Guitar is win. The guy is sure as a metronome. He plays with a precision and froward motion like few others!