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Friday, May 12, 2017

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea

It's hard to believe that Alestorm have five records out now. Not only that, but the core joke that defines the band remains hilarious and the groups songwriting seems to only get better. A record that pushes their boundaries further than ever before and still pays tribute to the inherent silliness of the band, No Grave But The Sea is another triumphant achievement for one of heavy metals most unique bands. This is a band who have never followed your goddamn rules and who instead revel in the sheer madness that is pirate metal.

While all the typical Alestorm tropes are met here, even from the first track, it's still obvious that the band is exploring new directions. It's an interesting balance that they strike, between standard Alestorm rockers like Mexico and some of the more in depth compositions. The thing that generally strikes me with this record though is that No Grave But The Sea is perhaps one of the best written and arranged records of the year. As hard as it might be to admit, Alestorm are a goddamn pop band and they love it. They have some of the most unique melodies and potent songwriting that I have ever heard and this record simply pushes it to the next grandiose level.

When this band started off I think it was easy to dismiss them as a mere gimmick. It was easy to say "Oh pirate metal will never last, that's just little kid shit." Well now here we are a motherfucking decade later and Alestorm are still on top. If you can't come to accept the fact that the heavy metal pirates are here to stay with tales of the Pentahook, Pegleg Potion and Treasure Island then you are never going to truly get it. Alestorm can't help but to expand, damn the consequences. Their sonic pallet will constantly expand, proving their burning supremacy. 

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