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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Goatwhore - Vengeful Ascension

Goatwhore are a special band, hell their name is Goatwhore for crying out loud! Their latest offering Vengeful Ascension delivers on more of the balls and hectic satanic rock and roll that has made the band so popular over the years. The onward crush of this record shows the same fire that has driven this group and turned them into a veritable heavy metal force. Vengeful Ascension is a record that reminds us of the devilish power of the band and is a potent return after a three year gap since the monstrous Constricting Rage Of The Merciless.

I think that Vengeful Ascension taps into all that has made Goatwhore special to so many over the years, it's the crazed vocals, the vicious guitars and the bands ability to tap into a variety of subgenres. While the group certainly maintains their unique brand of thrashy blackened death metal you can see that they are unafraid to bring in disparate elements. When it comes down to it Goatwhore are just really fucking good songwriters and have created a sound that any fan of heavy music is going to be able to dig into. Rather than boring the listener with the same generic platitudes they go for the throat and remind us of their beautiful hatred.

Vengeful Ascension isn't an album that you can easily forget. It's a record that is going to bust your skull in and get you moshing across the floor. Goatwhore were never a band who gave to many fucks, and on this record, perhaps their most fully realized yet, it once again becomes clear that they understand the sheer ballsy brutality of this music and refuse to conform. Time and time again Goatwhore have come out on top and now they are sitting with a skull in one hand and a severed limb in the other guiding you into the demonic pit.

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