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Sunday, May 28, 2017

IIVII - Invasion

IIVII have quickly built up a reputation as one of the best ambient bands in the scene. I have always loved this grop for their weird and forward thinking soundscapes as well astheir willingnessto constantly push to bold new levels, reminding us of the burning power that this music can have. The latest offering from this Josh Grahm driven project is Invasion a 9 track exploration of the psyche, showing us all sorts of fascinating ins and outs and encouraging the listener to delve into unique soundworlds that defy description.

What's particularly interesting about Invasion is how much of a step forward it seems to represent a whole new level of depth in arrangement and potency in the orchestrations for the band. Invasion reminds us time and time again that IIVII is a band who have no real peers, they push boundaries on every side of the spectrum and then casually remind us of our own humanity. For music as esoteric and genre bending as this, there is a surprising sense of humanity that we find throughout. This is an album you can just chill out on but also one that you can listen too time and time again and constantly pick apart to find new dimensions of hope.

There are few ambient records that capture my imagination as much as Invasion does. It's an album that constantly encourages you to ask questions, delve deeper into the music and try and find a weird path through the ethereal melodies and throbbing rhythms. IIVII is a project that refuses to play by the rules and has managed to refine something transcendent. It's easy to fall in love with what Josh Graham has put together here, it's expansive but not alienating, massive in scope but not overwhelming, beautiful and guiding us towards salvation.

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