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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gravetemple - Impassable Fears

Gravetemple have just unleashed one of the most aurally punishing releases of the year. The band who unite members of Torture, Sunn0))) and of course Mayhem have always had a reputation for unleashing weird and atypical music. Impassable Fears is simply the latest and greatest in this tradition, pulling apart your reality from top to bottom with crushing guitars, terrifying drones and a sense of sonic destruction that leaves you questioning your sanity. Gravetemple are a band who choke out the listener and beat in their ribs time and time again.

I think that it's the sheer otherworldliness of Gravetemple that captures my imagination. The way that the soundscapes feel so inhuman and how the guitars ripple across your flesh forces you to acknowledge strange new realities. One of the most interesting things about Gravetemple has always been that while the musical stylings aren't necessarily unexpected given the personnel, they certainly allow the listener to hear these guys exploring different sides of their sound. While moments of any of the root bands can certainly be heard, Impassable Fears pushes all of the musicians musical boundaries in the best way.

This is a record that you can get lost in, simply because the sound is so goddamn massive and the twists and turns so unexpected. Impassable Fears reminds us time and time again that Gravetemple are not a band to be reckoned with but rather one who exist to subvert expectations and crack your skull. While this certainly is a challenging record it's also one that you're going to want to delve in too It brings a lot to the table and allows you a chance to wallow in a totally unrivaled and mystical satanic murk.

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