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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Solstafir - Berdreyminn

Solstafir are hands down one of the most impressive bands in modern heavy music. They have a long standing reputation of epic orchestrations, powerful musical landscapes and otherworldly sounds that push the boundaries of what this thing we love can be. Berdreyminn only serves to accentuate that power, enamoring the listener with a sense of forward motion that persists throughout the record as you lay entranced with all that Solstafir have conjured up. An album that can't help but to grow on you there is something truly fascinating going on here.

I think what really gets me about Berdreyminn is the extent to which the band have evolved in their arrangements. While Solstafir has always had incredible songwriting it feels like Berdreyminn is the next step in their artistic journey. While it certainly explores more open soundscapes and ethereal plains of music it also forces us to embrace strange and harsh realities, often being built up to in songs that move in... well... movements. There is something indescribably lush about the sheer presence of tracks like Hula, songs that force you to embrace the beauty and in the end become one with all this band have to offer.

Solstafir is the transcendent sound of absolution. Berdreyminn is the latest conduit of their unquenchable auditory triumph and sees nerds like me pushing ever harder to understand the incredible travails that this band realizes with seeming ease. A group who seem to get better and more massive in scope with every passing record Solstafir still have the same undying passion for their artistic vision leaving me in absolute awe. This is why I got into this kind of music and the dream pop meets folk meers post black metal of Solstafir will always have my heart.

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