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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rumors Of Free Lunch - Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back

Rumors Of Free Lunch is the sort of balls out punk rock that you can't help but to love. With a sneer on their collective face and a willingness to crack your skull in, their new record Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back is the sort of rock and roll assault that reminds us again and again why we got involved with this in the first place. Sure it's five minutes you'll never get back, but Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back can't help but to be a hell of a time from top to bottom and back to front. It's an addictive listen you can't really escape.

Part of the beauty of this record to me is that because it's only five minutes long it's impossibly easy to get through and then spin time and time again. From the militant assault of the opening bars it's immediately apparent that the Black Flag inspired madness of these New Jersey punks isn't going to let up. Blasting forward with raw guitar tones and half shouted vocals, Rumors Of Free Lunch remind us that no matter what you can find a sense of absolution in the punishing and oftentimes terrifying assault of a band who seem incapable of giving a single fuck. This is a group who get what punk rock is meant to be about.

So as you find yourself jamming Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back for the umpteenth time it becomes clear that Rumors Of Free Lunch may have a limited discography but every second of it is a fun filled rock and roll explosion. This is the sort of ballsy music that we need in order to transcend in this cruel world. They tap into every side of the punk rock explosion in order to refine something that feels like everything you could possibly want from a punk rock record, kicking in your teeth and breaking your face.

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