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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ex Eye - S/T

Sometimes with this blog I stumble upon really interesting and unique records, records that feature members of famous bands, in this case Liturgy playing alongside experimenal saxophonists to create something truly weird and incredible fascinating. The jazzy magic of Ex Eye's freaked out debut is absolutely stunning, mesmerizing with its circular riffs and driving drum patterns. There is something almost surreal about the approach on Ex Eye something that takes multiple listens to even start to pick apart.

Colin Stetson acts as the maestro for the project, his blaring horn leads a trio of musicians intro crafting a sonic firestorm worthy of Hawkwind themselves. While the record primarily makes its name for itself in the three long form songs that define the latter half, the four minute intro track serves as a fitting taste for all that is to come. This is a group who aren't afraid to take their time and stretch out unique ideas. The sheer quality of the guitar tone and the overwhelming breadth of the production leaves me in absolute awe as I wind my way through the epic arrangements pieced together here, a true sonic voyage.

Every track on Ex Eye opens up exciting new possibilities and hints at brave new worlds to come. The band seems unafraid to push the envelope - even if they are at risk of pushing it too far. Yet somehow the music always comes back around to the mesmerizing and thoughtful shit that I love. Ex Eye are a band who fully understand the inherent beauty of this genre and who can't help but to charm the listener time and time again. Ex Eye is a new type of metal and I gotta say - I fucking love every minute of it.

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