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Monday, June 26, 2017

Boris - Dear

Boris is one of the most fascinating, diverse and important bands of the last 25 years. These Japanese freaks have built a reputation of being able to dabble in, and consequently master, just about any style of music you can think of. Yet this latest offering Dear sees Boris doing what they do best, incredibly heavy, ambient, droning doom metal that haunts the listener with the depth of its sound and its ability to hint at bold new futures. There is something wonderfully devastating about this record that will hant you for years to come.

It's hard not to get lost in the cascading waves of sound that define Dear. It's a record which can devastate and charm you, almost at the same tie. The soaring clean vocals are contrasted by terrifying growls and strange ambient moments are beaten down with crushing guitars and that legendary Boris bottom end. Distinctly less experimental than their last few releases this feels a bt more like Boris tackling a straight doom record. The monolithic crunch of a song like Deadsong can't help but to stun and as you delve ever deeper into the sonic effigies wrought into the record it becomes harder than ever to separate yourself.

Once you give in to all that Dear holds dear you start to get a new grasp on Boris. Their years of experimentation and breaking boundaries all feels natural, especially in the light of this record, one which strips back a lot of their edgier moments and channels it through a doom record of the sort that only Boris could truly craft. Dear is going to break your teeth but it's also going to enchant you and force you to remember that no matter what happens in this crazy old universe of ours, Boris will reign eternal.

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