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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Melvins - A Walk With Love And Death

Never has their been a band more uniquely suited to the weird kid than the Melvins. They are a band who revel in their weirdness, who constantly create weird sounds and are unafraid to push the envelope to the extent that their music borders on terrifying. The Melvins are a band like no other, so it makes sense that their latest record, a double album, A Walk With Love And Death is a release like no other. With one LP being a traditional style release the other is a soundtrack for the Jesse Niemenen short of the same title.

While the contents of this double album is to epic to really summarise in a few hundred words, I will say this much. The conventional (Or at least as conventional as this band gets) side is entitled Death and stands as one of the bands strongest releases in years. There are colossal riffs, Black Flag-esque roars and more than a few hints at the poppy brilliance that has always been a strong undercurrent in this band. Meanwhile, the Love side, the soundtrack is utterly gorgeous, and yet cluttered with all sorts of weird ambient and experimental sounds. It makes me incredibly curious to see the short and reminds us once more that the Melvins are capable of goddamn anything.

A Walk With Love And Death serves to remind us once again of all that is great about the might melvins. A band who have literally dozens of releases and who have consistently refused to conform, even when touring with bands like KISS. They are inherently fascinating and this record only adds to the mythos of a band who always refused to have one. The Melvins are for the weird kid, and they remind us that the weird kid might very well have some of the most important art of his generation just kind of hiding in his garage.

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