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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Livid - Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes

Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes, now if that ain't a promising album title I don't know what is. Thank god that Livid manage to deliver on their ominous titles and spooky art, unleashing a doom metal record that you can't help but to be mesmerized by. Filled with massive melodies, potent soundscapes and at times surprisingly punky production, Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes is a mesmerizing listen. It's a record that breathes naturally and moves from start to finish in exciting ripples, unveiling a demented world within. 

There's been a wave of bands in recent years that seem to find this balancing point between the punkier DIY side of the genre with the more grandiose elements within the music. I'm talking about bands like Forn and Fister or even Livid's label mates in the formidable Weltesser. Livid seem to have no problem finding this equilibrium and their music crunches forward with a sludgy transcendence, constantly pushing for more but never forgetting where they came from. While at times the execution isn't quite there Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes is also such an ambitious record that it would be remiss to forget the scale of the project here. 

It's easy to get lost though in the reassuring grooves of Livid, in their mammoth guitar tone and sense of eerie forward motion. They are a band who are unafraid to push the envelope but who also clearly enjoy playing within the traditional tropes laid out by bands like Yob and Neurosis. Livid are obviously a band to watch and the ease with which they lay out their vision, even from the opening moments of the first track is stunning to listen too. They could easily be giving far bigger bands in their genre a run for their money in a matter of months. 

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