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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Marzi Montazeri - The Uprising

I've always felt like Tim Ripper Owen never quite got the love he deserved, despite the incredible range his voice has always displayed and his ability to unleash sonic justice across all manner of records. The latest creation from the Iranian by way of Texas guitar master Marzi Montazeri,The Uprising is four tracks of wildly energetic rock and roll from a bunch of dudes who have come to define the scene that they live their lives by. Over the top and unafraid to poke fun at itself, this can't help but to be a good time. 

While The Uprising certainly plays with a lot of standard heavy metal tropes there is a certain trademark grit that Montazeri puts on the record that you can't help but to embrace. The hints of Pantera and other 80s and 90s shreddy heavy metal bands are palpable throughout and help to give the record such a unique taste. There is a certain sense of rock and roll triumph that helps to make this album so enjoyable, and though many of the touches are predictable they are also exactly where you want them. It means that this album can't help but to have you going home with a big Texas smile on your face. 

Marzi Montazeri understands exactly what his public wants. Sure this is a far sight removed from his work with Phil Anselmo And The Illegals and the bands dalliances in insanity, but there is still something to identify with here. This is a record for the everyman, the guy who just wants to go out slam some beers and appreciate top notch guitar work. I just wish their were a few more tracks here so the music could really get a chance to breathe and help push The Uprising to a whole new level. I'm sure there's more to come and can't wait to embrace all that the band have laid out. 

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