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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Merrimack - Omegaphilia

Few bands have carved such an iconoclastic place in the underground in the last few decades as the Parisian black metallers in Merrimack. This is a band who have always been dedicated to celebrating the power of black metal and delivering it with high energy and mor than a dash of aplomb. While they have never seen the mainstream success of their peers there is a certain vile authenticity to this band that you simply can't deny. Such is the case with their latest offering, the wonderfully demented Omegaphilia

A record that continues to push the envelope for theband, bringing their pure black metal to exciting new frontiers it remains fascinating to me how this group is able to simultaneously pay tribute to the formative influences of a genre they love and also encourage fans to broaden the spectrum of what black metal can be. With potent dynamics and great songwriting it is fairly clear, even from the first, that Merrimack have gone above and beyond the call of duty here. They are unafraid to push controversy but always fall back on those beloved tropes that make the genre so juicy. Merrimack understand the fundamental beauty of black metal, but also all that can be done with it. 

Wonderfully intelligent, brainy and always self aware, Merrimack use Omegaphilia as an exciting sign of things to come. While this record is certainly building on the legacy of torment they have previously established it certainly feels like the group has brought things to a new level here. While I have ton wonder what would happen if they left behind some of their more stalwart black metal roots you also have to admire a band who remain this dedicated and refuse to change it up, cracking skulls time and time again. 

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