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Monday, May 29, 2017

Foscor - Les Irreals Visions

Foscor have been one of the most fascinating post black metal acts in the game for a while now but it has always flet like they never quite lived up to their potential, as if there was always something truly transcendent right around the corner but for whatever reason we hadn't been blessed with it yet. It feels like Les Irreals Visions is this Catalan groups answer to those who doubted they could become titans in the genre. An exciting release that remains epic in scope without cutting ties from the bands black metal roots, it's simply a masterpiece.

I think what captures my imagination on Les Irreals Visions is the bands simple ability to craft some of the strongest arrangements that I hve ever heard. Be it in the rich orchestrations backing the extended instrumental passages, the simply delicious soos or the powerful multilayered vocals it remains clear throughout that Foscor ae the sort of band who are going to mesmerize you and refuse to let you go. the depth of the compositions here means that Les Irreals Visions has pretty much infinite replay value and every time that yuo come back to this record you will be able to find something exciting and new. 

There is a simple poetry to what Foscor do tht can't help but to charm. Their willingnes to take influence from a disparate group of sources has always fascinated me and this is perhaps their most forward thinking release to date, especially in that regard. Foscor are not a band to be fucked with, nor are they a band who want to limit their capabilities. Instead the sheer openness of the group has led to something transcendent, from which there is no escape but rather the desire to keep picking apart the magical seams. 

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